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Photo mirror with handle



The photo mirrors for intraoral exposures show an exactly sharp mirror image down to the smallest detail. Together with the brilliant color naturalness and the pleasantly bright reflection, you obtain intraoral images of great expressiveness.


The photo mirrors are available in different models, sizes and as FS Rhodium and FS ULTRA variants.

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Product contains: 1 Piece per PU

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

Due to the ion-ray process developed and optimized by us, our mouth mirrors achieve a superior reflection and layer hardness.

In our high-vacuum systems, we generate a complex layer structure at 2 x 10-6mbar by electron ray evaporation, the reflective layer of which consists of pure rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal like gold or platinum.

The mirror coating with rhodium on the glass surface (FS – Front Surface) has the advantage that the image is reflected directly on the surface and is therefore absolutely sharp. With a simple mirror coating on the rear side of the mirror glass, there are two reflections, one on the mirror coating and another – but weak reflection – on the surface of the glass.

The handles are made of anodized aluminum.

Before After

FS ULTRA vs. FS Rhodium

FS ULTRA mirrors are up to 30% brighter than FS Rhodium mouth mirrors.

With a reflection factor of 113%, the mirrors in HD quality (FS ULTRA) ensure outstanding image clarity and reflect the mirror image 1:1 in brilliant, natural colours (Fraunhofer report 23.04.2009).

Due to the special coating, the FS ULTRA guarantees the dentist a better view and thus ensures optimized work.

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