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RELAX Assortments

Glass fiber mouth mirror
All RELAX are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and are autoclavable up to 134° C, acid resistant and suitable for the thermo washer disinfector. The mouth mirrors are available as FS Rhodium and FS ULTRA variants, as well as in seven different colors each.

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Product contains: 10 Piece per PU


More and more dentists around the world are convinced of the advantages of RELAX mouth mirrors and are even converting their practice range entirely to them.

The design of the RELAX was conceived to ensure an exactly plane transition from mirror to casing. This is a decisive advantage with regard to hygienic aspects. In addition, since the mouth mirror is manufactured from a single piece, there is no need to disassemble the instrument for cleaning, as required by the RKI guideline.

The RELAX is also particularly popular in pediatric dentistry. The colored instruments reduce the inhibition threshold before treatment. The design of smooth, rounded shapes and the surface that feels warmer (compared to stainless steel) make it more comfortable to hold.

The 65% lighter weight compared to a stainless steel mouth mirror and handle allows efficient and fatigue-free work throughout the day.

Additional information

Service life

As part of our product development, tests were carried out in accordance with EN ISO 9873. The standard specifies 100 reprocessing cycles, but we have increased this to 200 cycles.

External practical tests at the ZZMK Carolinum in Frankfurt were successfully completed after more than 200 preparations. In our almost ten years of experience, the instruments have been in use for several years and impress with their color and shape stability.

Our market observation – since the market launch in 2015 – confirms these outstanding properties of the RELAX mouth mirrors.

Glass fiber vs. stainless steel:

  • Pleasantly light (up to 65% lighter compared to a two-piece instrument made of stainless steel)
  • Design from smooth rounded shapes
  • friendly colours, optimally suitable for pediatric dentistry
  • warmer surface
  • Exactly flat, plane transition from mirror to casing and therefore easy to clean
  • One piece instrument: disassembling for cleaning is not necessary
Before After

FS ULTRA vs. FS Rhodium

FS ULTRA mirrors are up to 30% brighter than FS Rhodium mouth mirrors.

With a reflection factor of 113%, the mirrors in HD quality (FS ULTRA) ensure outstanding image clarity and reflect the mirror image 1:1 in brilliant, natural colours (Fraunhofer report 23.04.2009).

Due to the special coating, the FS ULTRA guarantees the dentist a better view and thus ensures optimized work.

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