Greatest insights with smallest diameters

The new >>BLACKline<< mouth mirrors, handles, explorers and micromirrors offer superior advantages in all areas of diagnostics. These are given a high-end finish with a DLC – Diamond-like Carbon – coating and the matte, deep black finish eliminates disturbing reflections.

Particularly in the endo area, visual perception is sometimes difficult due to complicated viewing areas or unfavorable mouth opening conditions.

The new, bendable micromirrors MICROflex ultra and rhodium can be individually adjusted in their flat shaft end in such a way that even difficult-to-access tooth or alveolar ridge areas as well as spatially obstructive opposing tooth positions do not represent an obstacle.

The micromirrors are particularly useful in difficult diagnostic or treatment situations. Note the manually angled mirror shaft; this is only possible with these special instruments from the MICROflex product line. (© Dr. Sakaue, Japan)

From left to right: The flat shaft end ensures solid stability of the instrument; targeted and multiple bending up to just before the mirror head is possible; however, the flexibility is reduced by frequent bending due to the material (strain hardening principle). (© Dr. Firla)

Mirrors coated with ULTRA have over 30% higher reflectance compared to rhodium. This means that the image is rendered brighter and without any discoloration – in HD quality.

The mirror surface is a so-called “di-electric mirror layer” consisting of tantalum pentoxide Ta2O5 and silicon dioxide SiO2. These are alternately vapor deposited under high vacuum. The varying thicknesses of the individual layers and their high number of about 35 layers result – in their special combination – in the brilliantly bright ULTRA mirror image with precisely accurate color reflection.

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