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High quality in every detail

World-wide our mouth mirrors are well-known since decades for their high quality. In the dental practice mouth mirrors are sterilised and disinfected several times daily. Considering these extreme conditions the high quality - in every detail - is decisive.


Best stability against corrosion
Our mouth mirrors are produced according to the norm ISO 9873 / EN 29873. Concerning Stainless Steel this norm refers to ISO 7153-1 (Surgical Instruments - Metallic materials). But also from our experiences of more than 40 years we know, that the selected Stainless Steel is resistant against corrosion.
High resistance against methods of sterilisation
High sterilization temperatures have absolutely no effects on the quality of our mouth mirrors SE plus, FS Rhodium and MEGA.
High reflection and best image quality
You can find more information in the SE plus and FS Rhodium section.
High resistance against disinfection solutions
You can find more information in the SE plus and FS Rhodium section.

In high vacuum equipments with 2 x 10-6 mbar electron-ray-evaporating a complex structure of layers is created, whose reflecting layer consists of pure Rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal such as Gold, but 2-3 times more expensive (stock exchange for Rhodium € 25,60 each Gramm / 08.07.2004).

exact sharp and bright

Ecologically friendly production technologies

There are still competitors advertising for their double galvanic reflection layer! Already in 1986 those galvanical technologies with their extremely problematical and environment harmfully results through Cyanid and copper, still used by several companies, have been replaced in our company through absolute Hightech.
We have developed a production technology coating the glass with Silver or with Rhodium, by evaporating the precious metal on a physical way. This production process takes place in a closed system, without pollution of water or air.
We use our technical Know-how also for the care of the environment!

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