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Company’s portrait

Since more than 70 years dentists from the North of Iceland to the South of New Zealand, as well as from the East of Japan and to the West of the United States work successfully with HAHNENKRATT dental instruments. This is proof on their trust in our products.

Innovation, use of Hightech for development and production, as well as the engagement of our staff are basic facts for the high quality of our dental products. High Tech is shown by use of 3D-CAD/CAM systems, 6-axes-robots, CNC-units or automatic machines manufactured in our own mechanical engineering. Maintaining a qualified QM-system according to EN46001 is an expression of our company‘s philosophy.

Fully automated grinding unit for manufactoring of drills
Grinding of drill edges
Build-up of new production units

HAHNENKRATT Dental-instruments are products, that are daily used in the dental office:

  • DENTview, digital camera system with software
  • mouth mirrors: SE plus, FS Rhodium, MEGA and MEGAmicro (micro surgery)
  • handles for mouth mirrors
  • root post systems: Exatec + Cytec root post systems including root posts made of Titanium, HP glassfiber, HP carbonfiber
  • Matrix retainer and matrixes
  • Temporary crowns
  • Copperbands, ATR-shells and ATR impression rings

While developing new products, the results of scientific co-operation and experiences in practice take form. That way we have developed such succesful products as for example DENTview, Exatec or the mouth mirror MEGA. Perfectly simple in shape and use, these products create more ergonomics and optimum work results.

Top quality is our absolute priority. Especially for mouth mirrors that are daily used in the dental office and disinfected and sterilised a thousand times, the top quality of the reflection layer is decisive. Based on the experiences of the last decades, we have developed new and at the same time non polluting coating procedures to produce a resistent reflection layer, for which our mouth mirrors SE plus and FS Rhodium are well known world-wide.

We are looking forward to a dedicated "cooperative togetherness". We will give our very best for a durable, successful but also pleasant co-operation.


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